Singing Social delivers inter-generational music workshops for pre-school children and the elderly in Frome care homes. The primary aim of our service is to bring together the old and the young. These two age groups have a mutually beneficial effect on each other and Singing Social provides opportunities for them to bond, promoting cohesion and valued relationships.    

Secondary to nurturing this essential connection are a range of benefits from musical activities which are both mentally and physically stimulating. Our workshops are a popular staple of the care home activities roster and we regularly see the same residents week on week. Feedback from the staff at care homes tells us that as well as enjoying our workshops, elderly residents gain much pleasure from talking about the event beforehand and sharing the experiences of the workshop after we have gone.

Many of our elderly participants are living with dementia. Dementia is becoming the health and social care challenge of the 21st century and music is one of the most highly recommended activities to relieve symptoms.

Benefits to participating families
Singing Social works on three levels because it benefits the children, the parents/child-minders and the care home residents.

Pre-school children develop:
- social interaction

- language skills

- pre-literacy support through repetition and rhyming
- strong ties with the elderly. Parents have told us that their children are more confident when seeing elderly people in the community. Some comment that their children do not have grandparents nearby and that meeting the residents is the children’s only experience of the elderly.

Parents/child-minders are empowered by:
- contributing to their community
- making and strengthening social ties by meeting mutually supportive parents/child-minders on a regular basis
- learning songs and games to share with their children.

Singing Social is a not-for-profit organisation
trading as Play It Forward Community Interest Company
at 6 Rawlings Mill, South Parade | Frome | BA11 1ES.