In case of illness

Please remember that the elderly participants of our workshops can be physically more vulnerable than others. If your child is unwell or has been in close contact with someone who has been unwell then please stay at home and let us know. We are extremely grateful for your vigilance.

Making the most of our time together

Sometimes it is hard to start a conversation, so we have compiled some ideas for you here. Some of these points may seem obvious but are easy to forget especially when you have one eye on your child.

A good conversation may include standing/ sitting at the same level, making eye contact, speaking clearly, calmly and slowly. Think about what you are going to talk about. Try not to ask too many questions and if there is a miscommunication you can make light of it and laugh it off together. The children provide an obvious conversation opener.

For example -  “My daughter Kassia loves nursery rhymes - did you know any of the nursery rhymes we sang?”

Involving a third person in the conversation can also help a person with dementia feel valued and part of a group.

If you want to encourage your child to interact more with elderly participants then you can give them prompts such as going around and asking every person what their favourite colour/ song/ food is and why. This idea came from a mother in one of our sessions and it was a fantastic ice breaker.

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